Get to know Davide Botta

For 2019, Team Colpack have a number of strong riders they can rely on to carry on the team’s famous history of being one of the very best teams in Italian cycling. While second-year Andrea Bagioli may get a lot of attention, David Botta, who is going into his final season as an U23, has been flying under the radar, but is ready to explode onto the scene for an encore performance befitting his team’s fabled history.

Davide was available for an interview, and answered our questions so that English-speaking readers can get to know him better.

Credit: Team Colpack

“2018 was a quite good year for me, although I didn’t win a race. I got some good results at important international races and I think I have improved myself compared to last year, which is also thanks to the race calander that Team Colpack allowed me to do.”

Undoubtedly a climber, Davide spoke more about the types of climbs he likes, as well as some of his strengths and weaknesses as a rider.

“I’m a good climber and I really like stage races. In particular I prefer long climb with difficult slopes and races with more than one climb, like at Valle d’Aosta. My weakness is certainly my sprint, and I suffer on nervous parcours because I’m not a very explosive rider.”

Indeed, Davide’s CV proves he is a good stage racer. His 2018 season was packed full of nice GC performances, particularly 10th at the Toscana Eroica stage race, 9th overall at both the savage Basque Country stage race Vuelta al Bidasoa and the equally brutal Giro Valle d’Aosta and 6th at the season ending Giro del Friuli stage race. He also managed 11th at Palio del Recioto one-day race as teammate Bagioli took home second.

Team Colpack: inizia l’operazione Giro d’Italia Under 23
Davide (third from right) with his teammates ahead of the 2018 Baby Giro. Credit: Team Colpack

Despite 2019 being his final season at this age level, Davide says he is not thinking or stressing about needing to go pro, and is just looking forward to racing again. He is taking things day by day and is seeking to achieve the best results he can.

“2019 will be my last year as under 23, but the only thing I think about is doing what I like and enjoying it, and if the results arrive, I would be happy to become a pro, but at the moment I don’t feel the pressure to go pro.”

Even after his 2018 season, Davide says he doesn’t expect leadership from the team in every race. He says he has some strong teammates and the road itself will often settle things. But when Team Colpack give him the chance, he assured us he will be ready to seize if wth both hands.

“I have very strong teammates with similar features to mine, the strenght of the team is being able to bet on different athlets and who may feel better on a set day and will have the task to lead the team during the race. When my time comes I won’t hold back.”

Image result for davide botta cyclist colpack
Crossing the line after another savage stage in the Basque Country. Credit: Team Colpack

For 2019, Team Colpack will move from the club level to being a UCI Continental team. Davide talked a little about this change, which allows his team to do pro races, as well as his other goals for the upcoming season, which unsurprisingly, involve stage races.

“Next year will be important because the team is getting the Continental license, so there will be the possibility to race against pro riders. This will be an important step for my athletic development. The goal will be to win some Under 23 races, but we will decide with the team what the most important goals are, but for sure I would like to win a stage race.”

Despite his love for stage races being clear, Davide always has his home roads close to heart, and when there is a certain one-day Monument that takes place on those same roads, then it is not hard to imagine why he dreams of winning that one-day race more than any other pro race in cycling.

“The dream is to win Giro di Lombardia, because it takes place on the roads I myself train on everyday.”

David Botta may not be the biggest name on his own team, but expect to see him going well at the Italian U23 stage races all season long. I fully believe this man will at least be a Pro Continental rider in 2020, he is that good of a climber. Stay tuned to find out just how great he becomes.

Image result for davide botta cyclist
Taking second at a one-day race in Italy. Credit: Rodella

U23 Cycling Zone wishes to thank David for giving up his time to answer our questions, as well as doing his answers perfectly in English, which is of course not his native language. We wish him all the best for his final season with us as an U23. We also wish to thank Team Colpack’s press officer Giorgio Torre for setting up the interview. You can follow Davide’s Instagram by clicking here.



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